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Metals & Mining

Doonbeg’s global metals and mining business, centered in Perth, Australia, is aligned with our commitment to decarbonization, sustainable business practices, and an industry transition to renewable energy solutions.


Doonbeg has now been engaged in over 20+ corporate and project transactions across the spectrum of natural resources ranging from bulk commodity feedstocks, to battery raw materials, to rare earth minerals.  

In order to make a small dent in the most carbon intensive industry in the world, Doonbeg has positioned itself to work alongside client companies that deliver renewable power to mines, provide alternative fuels for mining equipment, and demonstrate proven technologies that help remediate environmental damage caused by mining activities.


Areas of Focus:

  • Incorporating ESG metrics in our assessment of mining resource development projects

  • Expanding our natural resource client base to companies active in the production, distribution, and trading of feedstocks for alternative fuels

  • Engaging with companies whose products or solutions help decarbonize natural resource processing and remediate environmental clean-up at mines

Metals & Mining
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