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Energy Storage
Energy Storage

While the EV industry is driving many of the advances in battery technology, the addition of batteries into large scale renewable power solutions is delivering increased reliability to traditional renewables projects. Battery technologies are at the nexus of the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy solutions that provide reliable support to existing grids. Advances in batteries and control technologies have made new implementations safe and economical at mega-watt scale.


Through client companies, Doonbeg has been at the vanguard of financing strategies for battery applications - materials sourcing and production, cell manufacturing, pack assembly, battery management software, and emerging battery materials research and development. The disruptive and innovative nature of these companies drives rapid growth and corresponding valuation metrics.


Areas of Focus:

  • Driving stored energy solutions into the economics of our alternative energy producer clients such as solar and wind park operators

  • Identifying and advocating client innovations in battery chemistries, battery array control technologies, and the energy technology supply chain

  • Delivering capital solutions for the application of new stored energy solutions into the industries we serve 

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