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About Doonbg

Doonbeg Group, Inc. is a merchant banking advisory firm that focuses on emerging growth companies at stages from pre-revenue to initial positive EBIDTA. We offer advisory and structuring services such as debt origination, risk management, capital optimization, and asset securitization that help position our clients for success. Doonbeg delivers both capital and commercial solution sets to our client companies, giving management teams new strategies for overcoming structural obstacles to growth.

Renewable energy technologies and alternative fuels have a significant role to play in the “greening” of client companies that align with our strategic transition to structured financing solutions for grid-scale integrated renewables projects, emerging bio-fuel supply chains, and new materials for batteries.

The transition to renewables financing is facilitated by Doonbeg’s decades of financial advisory and asset management experience and is complimented by its’ unique blend of executive moxie in the maritime, extractive, and energy industries.

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