Specialty Lending

Doonbeg has developed a business focus in the Specialty Lending market as a result of the realization that two of its principal business sectors, Maritime and Mining, have suffered a dramatic decline in the availability of debt capital from traditional sources, especially commercial banks. Additionally, the regulatory, compliance, and capital burdens that have been placed on the commercial banking industry since the 2008 credit crisis have given rise to a proliferation of non-bank and fintech platform lenders. The capital intensive nature of operating companies within the Maritime and Mining sectors has made for a potent combination.

Doonbeg has developed a solid reputation in the Specialty Lending sector and has expanded its reach to now serve the securities lending and electronic clearing businesses. Doonbeg’s merchant focus is clearly advantageous as our partners and professionals with deep experience in finance can provide solid advice to Specialty Lenders in how to structure their capital, hedging risk, asset sales, and/or securitizations. Below is an example of a transaction that Doonbeg is currently working on:

Special Purpose Broker Dealer:

  • Doonbeg is advising a US based, FINRA regulated specialty lender active in the stock locate, stock loan, prime brokerage, and electronic clearing markets in the US.
  • Doonbeg has supported a capital transaction for the Company of $8 million in a combination of debt and equity that is closing in February 2018.  The Company is utilizing the increase in its regulatory capital base in great measure to secure membership in DTC and OCC, which will allow it to substantially increase its transacting client base.
  • The Company is continuing to utilize Doonbeg’s advisory services as it seeks to further expand its capital base, as well as its strategic partnerships, to allow it to commence operations in the UK/Europe capital markets and then to be followed by establishing a business unit to serve its markets in Asia.

Doonbeg’s expertise includes:

  • The principals and staff have deep experience across multiple sectors and businesses within the US and international capital markets.
  • Advisory experience in B2C and C2C lending platforms and structuring  industry specific specialty lending platform companies.
  • Expertise in structuring capital solutions that allow for advantageous product pricing and maximize platform growth potential.